Information for Families

Information for families about Special Educational Needs provision at Dinnington First School.

Mission Statement: Our aim at Dinnington First School is to provide a happy, stimulating environment where all children will be encouraged to co-operate wholeheartedly with other children and staff who will help them to develop fully their individual, intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual potential. To this end we shall ask parents to work with us so that together we may promote the growth of respect for one another and care for the physical environment as well as the attainment of the highest possible academic standards.

Our Information for families about Special Educational Needs provision can be downloaded here. All children are individuals with different interests, ways of learning, and abilities. Here at Dinnington First School we support a number of pupils with special educational and healthcare needs.

The following information will explain how we make provision for pupils who need special educational needs support. However, the interventions are not ‘set in stone’ as we are reflective in our approach, considering the requirements of each pupil on an individual basis, proactively seeking the best provision for each case.