Performance Information & OFSTED

At Dinnington First School, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent standard of education to all of our pupils. Staff in school work very hard to use both formative and summative assessment information to inform their planning and teaching, in order to ensure that our pupils achieve the very best that they can.
Please find below a summary of our most recent data which highlights an overall picture of our pupils' attainment in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage / Nursery and Reception) , Year 1 Phonics, Key Stage 1 SATS and Y4 Multiplication Check. 
Please note that as we are a first school, we do not feature on any official national league tables due to the fact that these are largely based upon Key Stage 2 SATS data which pupils sit at the end of Year 6.
Please use the following link to access the government's 'Compare School Performance' website for Dinnington First School 
Click HERE for a link to the ofsted reports page