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About Dinnington Parent Forum

Our aims are simple; to develop and improve dialogue between parents and the school with a view to making whole-school improvements which benefit the academic, social and emotional progress and well-being of our students, while raising the profile of the school in the wider community.

Example  topics that the forum could discuss and gather information that could be used by the school to improve might include, but is not limited to:

  •   Transition
  •   Extra Curricula Clubs
  •   Communication between home and school
  •   Community Links
  •   Homework
  •   Uniform

The school is represented at each meeting by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, with the support of a governor and/or another member of staff.  Meetings are held termly and all members of the parent/carer community are welcome. People are encouraged to put forward items for the agenda prior to the meeting, with the understanding that time is limited and there is a chance that not all suggestions will be covered straight away. A typical agenda include might include:

  •   Items identified by the school for discussion
  •   Items identified by the governors for discussion
  •   Items identified by parents for discussion
  •   AOB

Prior to the meeting, forum members could be consulted on a particular issue through a questionnaire.  The feedback would then be shared at the meeting and the forum could collectively draw conclusions and make recommendations.

To ensure that the forum is used properly there would have to be some simple ground rules:

  •          Look forward rather than dwelling on past issues,
  •          Issues related to individual children, teachers, parents or carers will not be discussed.           

Meetings should last about an hour and will be held in the early evening in the main school hall. This is your opportunity to get involved!

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