E-Safety at Dinnington

E-Safety at Dinnington

Children at Dinnington use the internet on a regular basis as it is an important part of their learning. E safety is not just about computers. It also refers to other technologies you can use to communicate with such as; mobile phones, ipods, ipads and games consoles such as Xbox and PS.

It is essential that children are kept safe when using the internet at all times,  so as a school we place high importance on e-safety. Our school’s ICT systems and network are contracted through Newcastle City Councils dedicated system provider which has strong e-defences and filters. However, no computer e-defences, at home or at school, can ever be viewed as 100% effective and it is really important that children, staff and parents remember this at all times. Therefore we advise that if your children are using computers at home then parents should also test their e-defences too.

E -safety forms part of our PSHE and ICT curriculum. We regularly remind our children about our agreed school policy for “Responsible Rules for Safe Internet Use” which are displayed prominently near our computers. We have e-safety activities to reinforce this in lessons, assemblies and through workshops with parents.


                   E-Safety Rules for Responsible Internet Use at Dinnington

1. I will always ask permission from an adult when using the internet. In school this will be a member of staff and at home the adult who is taking care of me.

2. I will never write any personal information about myself on the internet including my phone number, address, passwords and surname.

3. I will always be respectful and only write kind, positive things about others online.

4. I will never arrange to meet anyone that I have met on the internet. If I haven’t met someone in real life, they are still a STRANGER.

5. I will always  tell a responsible grown up, such as a parent, grandparent, older brother or sister, or a teacher in school, if I see anything on the internet which I find upsetting, offensive or inappropriate in any way so that they can help me.

6. I will never add people as ‘friends’ on the internet unless I am friends with them in real life. This includes on sites and services like Bebo, Facebook, MySpace, MSN/Windows Live Messenger and many more. These people are still STRANGERS.

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